Ulrich Ahle

Ulrich Ahle

Ulrich is a reputed executive in the IT sector, formerly Vice President and leader of the Manufacturing and Industrie 4.0 System Integration business at Atos in Germany. He is also founder and member of the Board of the International Data Spaces Association in Germany and served 16 years in the Board of the prostep IVIP organization until April 2018. 

After an apprenticeship as toolmaker at Hella KG, he studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Paderborn. In his career, Ahle held several positions as development engineer, Director of PLM services, sales director and Vice President. He has been part of Nixdorf Computer AG, Siemens and Atos. From January 2017 until the end of 2023 Ulrich Ahle was Chief Executive Officer of the FIWARE Foundation headquartered in Berlin, Germany. 

Starting from November 2023 Ulrich became CEO of the Gaia-X Association headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.