From environmentally friendly travel options and conscious event catering to reusable stage components and the conference programme itself, we work closely with our service partners to take important steps to make sustainability a central aspect of the conference.


Our approach


We take these measures to minimise the ecological impact of the event and, together with our partners, set an example for environmentally conscious and sustainable action. Our aim is to become more effective in ecological, economic and social sustainability with every event we organise.


Environmentally friendly materials such as recycled paper, biodegradable products and reusable decorative elements are used to reduce the consumption of resources.

Digital first communication

Digital communication tools such as mobile apps, email and social media are increasingly being used to minimise paper consumption and provide participants with important information online.

Avoidance of disposable items

Single-use plastic and other disposable items are avoided or greatly reduced. Reusable alternatives and water dispensers are used instead of disposable crockery and plastic bottles.

Meat-free sustainable catering 

Catering during the event will be meat-free and sustainable, with a preference for regional, seasonal and organic food. Vegetarian and vegan options will also be offered.

Minimising waste and recycling

Waste is consistently separated and recycled in order to reduce the amount of waste and minimise the environmental impact.

Sustainable mobility to your destination 

Participants are encouraged to use public transport, form car pools or use environmentally friendly means of transport such as bicycles. We also offer the Deutsche Bahn event ticket.

Active climate 

CO2 emissions are offset by investing in environmentally friendly projects or reforestation programmes.

Sustainable business partnerships

The event works with sustainable companies and service providers that share similar environmentally friendly values.