Ralph Kemperdick

Cloud Solution Architect, Data
Ralph Kemperdick

Focus on Developer Coaching for LLMs like GPT-4 and Copilot enabled Application development. 

Previously Digital Business Architect, Data at Microsoft for ~30 years 

Working with diverse teams within MSFT on technical, competitive and political challenges

Learned a lot about people management due to my work in the workers council in conjunction with my day-to-day teamwork 

Previously: Cloud Solution Architect, Global Blackbelt, Soluion Sales, Technical Presales 

Experience: Azure data platform Insider for Big Data and Synapse Analytics (one of 6 people in EMEA) – Running Synapse Academy to educate the broader team on the technology 

Board member of the SQLPass.de community 

Previously head of the Bitkom Advisory board for Data & AI reviewing/co-authoring whitepapers for European and German politicians and EU related regulations, like the GDPR act or the upcoming AI act. 

Before joining MSFT, I was a people manager of a small team of 6 developers 

Married, living in Cologne, Germany