Kirsten Rulf

Boston Consulting Group
Kirsten Rulf

Kirsten Rulf is a Partner and Associate Director in BCG's Berlin office and advises clients worldwide on the use of Responsible AI and Generative AI. Until April 2023, she was head of the ‘Fundamental Issues of Digital Policy’ unit in the Federal Chancellery and senior advisor to former Chancellor Angela Merkel and current Chancellor Olaf Scholz. During her time in the Federal Chancellery, she was also responsible for negotiating the EU legal framework for digitalisation, including the EU AI Act, Data Act, Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act. Prior to her time in the German government, Kirsten Rulf taught ‘AI and Compliance’ at Harvard Law School and was a Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard. In addition to her work at BCG, Kirsten Rulf now teaches at Yale University in the US and is a 2023 UC Berkeley Tech Policy Fellow. 

She holds an MPP from Harvard Kennedy School, two M.A. degrees from Oxford University and was a 2022 Yale World Fellow.