Dr Wolfgang Hildesheim

Head of Data Science & Artificial Intelligence AI advisor, AI ambassador & thought leader
IBM Deutschland GmbH
Dr. Wolfgang Hildesheim

Wolfgang Hildesheim is a high energy physicist by education. He worked at CERN and DESY. After more than ten years in research and consulting, he took the Executive Vice President role for Worldwide Sales and Marketing of a family owned company in the area of Big Data and Communication Intelligence. Being a member of the board he significantly grew revenues and profits, in particular through individual custom solutions and strong client orientation. 

In 2007 Wolfgang Hildesheim joined IBM to lead the Automotive, Aerospace and High Tech Practice. Since 2009 he led IBM's Big Data Industry Solution Business In Europe helping clients to become more data driven and create value by using Advanced Analytics. 

Since 2012, Wolfgang Hildesheim is responsible for creating and growing IBM's Watson, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Business in Europe with a major focus on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Watson Solutions are IBM's answer to the current worldwide Artifical Intelligence (AI) mega trend, offering unmatched intelligent services and competitive edge. While the risks of a Super AI are overestimated in the public discussion and driven by Hollywood, the market opportunity for growth and new jobs related to Narrow AI technologes are underestimated. Wolfgang Hildesheim is regularly presenting at conferences and publications related to AI. He is member of the national commission to advance the roadmap to standardize AI for Germany, member of the board of the working group AI of Bitkom to understand, distribute and create competitve advantage using AI.