Dr Sven Bettermann

Global Head of Digitalization
Evonik Industries
Dr. Sven Bettermann

As Global Head of Digitalization with a PhD in Chemistry, I leverage my scientific background, chemical production experience, and a passion for technological transformations to steer global digital innovation and propel organizational success. I lead cross-functional teams, seamlessly integrating technology and data to elevate efficiency, all while pioneering data-driven business models for informed decision-making and fostering sustainable growth. 

In my previous position, I led transformative programs, shaping data-driven organizations through crafting digital strategies and optimizing processes. I managed end-to-end change processes and actively empowered colleagues with valuable data skills. 

In my role as Deputy Plant Manager and participant in the International Production and Technology Program, I championed process optimization as well as digital transformation for chemical plants and integrated cutting-edge technology into a circular economy. 

My personal approach is characterized by boundless curiosity, lifelong learning, operational implementation and a strategic vision for a future in which technology shapes progress for people worldwide. I also serve on an Advisory Board and as a mentor, guiding strategy and professional development.