Arian van Hülsen

Director Technical Sales IIoT / AI & Data Analytics
Arian van Hülsen

I started at EDS in 2006, working on Business Intelligence and Software Development projects. After EDS was acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, I became a Big Data Solution Architect and led several projects for media, automotive, retail and health industries with focus Data Strategy, Enterprise Information Management and Enterprise Data Architectures. In 2015 I was looking for a ‘speedboat’ in the industry to drive digital transformation with technology and so I have found PTC where I joined 2016 as a Technical Sales Engineer. My first project was at Ferrari in 2016 where I could use PTCs software in a one-man-show for connecting Formula1 data to predict the next engine failure. At HPE I would have needed a full-blown Data Science Team but at PTC I could convince the customer in just a couple of days thanks to the power of automated machine learning. With that experience I knew that my move to PTC was the right one. 

Today, I lead Technical Sales for Industrial IoT/Analytics in Central Europe at PTC, responsible for the solution architecture of larger enterprise sales and ensuring customer success in their Digital Transformation. 

I am a believer in Web3.0, Crypto, Metaverses and the future of the Internet. These hot topics are here to stay for the next decade and I'm excited to contribute to making the web more beautiful!