Tech Weekly: Aleph Alpha CEO Jonas Andrulis on generative AI and the benefits of quantum computing


This episode of the Bitkom podcast Tech Weekly is fully dedicated to the topic of artificial intelligence and current AI industry trends. "You might think generative AI writes texts or paints pictures. But it goes further than that, because every task that requires intelligence can actually be understood as a prediction," explains Aleph-Alpha CEO Jonas Andrulis in an interview. Bitkom President Dr Ralf Wintergerst also presents the latest results of the digital health study and describes the opportunities of AI in the healthcare sector. One thing is certain: The potential applications of AI are vast, the training expensive. "In this respect, we can take shortcuts with quantum machine learning, because the training then works much more efficiently," explains PD Dr habil. Jeanette Lorenz, head of the Quantum-enhanced AI department at Fraunhofer IKS. She describes the potential of quantum computing for artificial intelligence and its fields of application for German industry.

In this episode: 

  • Jonas Andrulis, CEO of Aleph Alpha 
  • Dr Ralf Wintergerst, President of Bitkom 
  • PD Dr Jeanette Lorenz, Head of Department Quantum-enhanced AI at Fraunhofer IKS 
  • Tobias Grimm, Host

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