Discover the programme of AI & Data Summit and Quantum Summit 2024


From GenAI implementation strategies and future trends to regulation and compliance, and the current state of quantum computing technology: at AI & Data Summit and Quantum Summit on 25 & 26 September, we will explore practical insights and innovative solutions to drive your business forward.

AI & Data Summit 2024: Pioneering the future of business with AI


As we move from proof-of-concept to value-generating applications, the #aidatasummit24 aims to explore best practices and concrete use cases to help companies overcome technical and organizational hurdles. Experts from industry, politics, and research will delve deep into solutions across different sectors, examining what lies ahead for enterprises aiming to become data-driven. 

Key topics include: 

  • Leveraging new technologies for business model development 
  • Navigating social and legal circumstances surrounding AI 
  • Efficiently implementing rules for AI and data in Europe 


Quantum Summit 2024: Harnessing the power of quantum computing 


Quantum computing is transitioning from theoretical to practical, poised to revolutionize industries. The #quantumsummit24 will address the crucial questions surrounding this technology's journey from experimental to industrial adoption. We will explore what businesses in Germany and Europe need to become quantum-ready and fully exploit quantum computing's potential. 

Key topics include: 

  • Technological, structural, and economic conditions for quantum readiness 
  • Overcoming barriers to adoption 
  • Current political, economic, and technological developments in quantum computing


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With over 1700 participants and 190 speakers, our summits provide the perfect opportunity for in-person networking. Connect with other AI and quantum computing enthusiasts, share your knowledge, and gain valuable insights from the latest best practices in the industry at #aidatasummit24 and #quantumsummit24. 

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Our programme highlights 


Dr Volker Wissing


25 September | Grace Hopper Stage | 1:00 PM

Dr Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport

Robert Habeck

Closing Keynote


26 September | Grace Hopper Stage | 4:00 PM 

Dr Robert Habeck, Vice Chancellor & Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Acti


AI & Data Summit 


Jonas Andrulis & Andreas Nauerz



25 September | Grace Hopper Stage | 10:20 AM

Jonas Andrulis, CEO & Founder, Aleph Alpha 
Dr. Andreas Nauerz, Member of the Board | CTO & EVP, Bosch Digital

Agnes Heftberger



25 September | Grace Hopper Stage | 11:20 AM

Agnes Heftberger, CEO, Microsoft Deutschland

Dr Philipp Herzig

Towards Sustainable AI: Technical and Regulatory Challenges

25 September | Grace Hopper Stage | 1:20 PM

Dr Philipp Herzig, Chief AI Officer, SAP


Quantum Summit 


Dr Christine Knackfuss-Nikolic


25 September | Superposition Stage | 10:20 AM

Dr Christine Knackfuss-Nikolic, Chief Technology Officer, T-Systems International

Heike Riel


25 September | Superposition Stage | 10:40 AM

Dr Heike Riel, IBM Fellow, Head Science of Quantum & Information Technology, IBM Research

Elke Reichart

Driving sustainability, European competitiveness and resilience

26 September | Grace Hopper Stage | 10:00 AM

Elke Reichart, Member of the Management Board & Chief Digital Transformation Officer, Infineon Technologies