From content creation to community management: what AI can do in marketing


  • Artificial intelligence will make marketing simpler, more efficient and more dynamic 
  • Bitkom publishes guide with step-by-step instructions and best practices

Berlin, 09 February 2024 - Large language models, generative AI or prompt engineering: artificial intelligence (AI) is currently on everyone's lips - and great potential for the use of the technology is also seen in marketing. But where exactly do you start integrating AI in marketing? Where are the greatest opportunities? How can AI be implemented as seamlessly as possible in existing processes and how can employees be involved?

Bitkom's new guide "Artificial intelligence in digital marketing" provides answers to these questions and serves as orientation for all marketing professionals and decision-makers in the field of digital marketing who want to use generative AI in the future. Numerous practical examples from a wide range of industries are used to illustrate how everyday marketing tasks can be made more efficient and of higher quality with the help of AI.

"Whether automated content suggestions, optimised customer dialogue or a dynamically adapted marketing mix - AI can make marketing easier and faster by automating routine tasks, for example. At the same time, AI also opens up completely new ways of analysing data and addressing customers," says Dr Florian Bayer, Head of Digital Marketing & Sales at Bitkom. "Marketing departments have different prior knowledge and structures. The guide therefore not only shows the great potential of AI for marketing in general, but also provides assistance in identifying and organising suitable individual use cases. Instead of waiting and seeing, it's time to try it out - the barriers to entry for the use of AI are lower than ever."

The publication (in German), including a step-by-step guide to the successful implementation and application of AI in marketing, is available to download free of charge here.